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BY DIY ( Do It Yourself ) or SHM (Self-helped method )


In a bottled water, you put 2 grams of CoralMin  into the half Gallon

(1.89 Liter ) of  water jar and you consume little by little all day long.

Please do not gulp your bottled mineral water. You may dilute your acidic and gastric juice in your stomach by gulping the CoralMin Water(CMW).  This is just like " Milk of Ocean"


Our Overall Concern  to YOUR WATER YOU ARE DRINKING .


Bottled water sold in the market actually contains a pH value slightly on the acidic side.

pH is a measurement of the hydrogen concentration of a solution. Lower pH values are a higher acidity. Higher pH values indicate higher alkalinity. If we consume acidic water, our bodies become acidic which leads to many problems, including low natural resistance to sickness, low metabolism, constipation, stress, fatigue and many more symptoms.

Drinking plenty of  CMW ( at least a 8 glasses/day) can adjust pH balance by flushing  out toxins including lead and mercury and promote a more healthy body.

In contrast, CoralMin is more alkaline in nature. You can easily convert acidic water into water with a healthy alkaline level by simply adding CoralMin into your drinking water. 


 Question: Why do we need to drink at least a 8 glasses/day?  We have a definitive answer.

According to Prof. Nishi,
" One should drink fresh Coralmin Water little by little.  One should drink at least one or two litres a day.
In order to know the maximum amount of CoralMin Water to drink, one can see the color of one's urine.  Its colorlessness indicatess the sufficiency of water intake.  Unboiled CoralMin Water is effective for:
1.  the blood circulation;  2.  activities of lymphatic fluid; 3. regulation of the body temperature; 4. generation of physiological glucose; 5. cellular metabolism; 6. accelerating capillarity; 7. washing internal organs; 8. equilibrating acidity and alkalinity; 9. detoxification; and 10. preventing constipation."
" If you drink an ounce of CoralMin Water every thirty or forty minutes all day long, you will never suffer from gastric or duodenal ulcer, and those who are suffering from them will gradually get healed.  It will cure even epilepsy.  By drinking CoralMin Water in this way, you will become healthy in all respects."
According to Dr. Katase, "children suffering from Autism which is a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior and  Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, they are deficit of calcium and other minerals based on Dr.Katas's extensive and intentive animal studies and its clinical applications.".  

"As long as you take sensible balanced nutrients , your body can react  metabolically and your body feels lightly even with 2-3 hours sleep.  On the other hand, when you take unbalanced meals with unbalanced nutrients, plus sugar-loaded soft drinks and snacks and white bread, white sugar and white rice and to make the matter worse,   your body seems to be heavy and inadequate sleep and to be tired so fast and you are so nervous with short-tempared  and easily disturbed and becoming sick."


"Even you eat foods with abundant nutrients at your heart content, your physiological conditions are not improved and not changed.  What would be major reasons is your body is not absorbing and not assimilating required nutrients for your body.  This is the phenomenon of lack of minerals due to oblivious to knowledge of a reciprocal relationship between nutrients and minerals."       


Please open FOOD FOR THOUGHT SECTION. Reminder from Dr. Graham for people living in 2012.


Special Busines opportunity around the world


HOW TO USE CORALMIN TO REPLEMISH  75 MINERALS ( 40% is  Calcium) for RO( Reverse Osmosis)) TREATED WATER. ( One bag contains 1 lb( 453 grams )


Size of Bottle             Recomeneded  amount          # of Bottle you can use with 1 lb


500ml(16.9oz)                2,300mg(2.3g)                                        197 bottles


1,000ml                          4.600mg (4.6g)                                       98 bottles


1 Gallon ( 3.78L )          18grams                                                  25 Gallon Bottles


Note: 1. the level tea spoon contains 2,300mg,  Table spoon contains 4,600mg

           2. Please refer to the below :" Special Business Opportunity"

Features of  organic multi-minerals play major roles in:


1.    Energy production  2. Bone formation and tooth   3.  Muscle function   4.  Enzyme systems which regulates cellular function  5.  Nerve transmission  6.  Hemoglobin production  7.  Protein synthesis    8.  Hormone production


Special Busines opportunity around the world

Dear Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment  Specialists:  

Let us start ahead ,stay ahead and look further in the field of household water treatment business opportunity you can cash-in!


The quality of the bottled water sold at the supermarket  and its pH is still acid side with negative publicity ( please see reference on the bottled water business.)

On the other hand, the distinctive negative aspects of  Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment (ROWT) wipes out natural mineral elements in the original water and you have 100% beneficial position whereas ROW can be replenished by adding Organic Multi Mineral Supplement, CoralMin™ containing  75 mineral elements ,of which Calcium is the largest component ( 40%)  which provides a biochemical and synergistic symphony with 75 elements of mineral members where calcium is acting as the concertmaster in our body.



Do Not Deplete precious natural minerals thru ROWT  which must be replenished by adding Organic 75 Multi-Mineral elements, CoralMin™ .

Please review the CoralMin™ Water information label.


You can educate your consumers and they can detect the pH level of their respective water by using pH test strips.


Consumer Education on Mineral Balancing:


1) One of the basic principles of nutrition is that no nutrient ever works alone. 

Calcium is by no means an exception to this rule, which needs to be balanced with other minerals according to the ratios as they are present in the body.  Mineral imbalances are the underlying cause of many of our health troubles and diseases. 

For example,imbalances will cause either overactivity which can result in stress or underactivity which results in low energy levels and insufficiency.   


2) The researcher, Robert Heaney of Creighton University in Omaha, Neb.,noted that those who frequently drank high-calcium mineral water had higher spinal bone mineral density and reduced post-menopausal bone loss.

3) Calcium intake is generally below recommended levels in the US and many other populations. An increasing number of bottled waters are fortified with calcium. but your customers can fortify and/or replenish not only calcium but also other required trace mineral elements by 75 Organic Multi Mineral Element Supplement, CoralMin™.    


When you are interested in distributing CoralMin™  thru your established service routes, CoralMin™ Water can be your customers’ life saving and long nutritional partner.

We have the special program on your behalf so that you could contribute to wellness  of your customers.  No franchise fees at this time but You could expect Recurring Revenue Opportunities for the added value services.


Please visit www.coralminerals.com posted since 1998.


We are looking forward to hearing from you in the very near future.  

From the view of the business opportunity, Start Ahead and Stay Ahead of your competition and you are providing the replenished mineral quality water with 75 Organic Multi-Minerals Elements to your customers.

For your references on the bottled water


I want you to know about the bottled water in America:


Environmental Working Group (EWG) steps up to the plate and delivers the actual facts about what's going on.

When you pay up to 1,900 times more for something, you expect it to be worth it, but when it comes to bottled water most of the benefits are pure fantasy. What's worse, most bottled water companies hide the truth about their product in order to keep this profitable scheme going.

Majority of Companies Refuse to Divulge What's Really in Their Bottles

The EWG set out to find the answers to three simple, basic questions about bottled water that consumers have a right to know:

1)  Where does the water come from? 

2)  Is it purified, and if so, how?

      3) Is the water tested, and what, if any, contaminants have been found?

Interestingly, many bottled water companies will not supply you with the answers to these questions.

According to the EWG, nine out of the top ten best-selling brands fail to provide answers to all three. Only one of the 173 bottled water products surveyed—Nestlé's Pure Life Purified Water—discloses this information right on the label, and provides information for requesting a water quality test report.

Ref on Environmental Working Group on water:


Here is the info. on Alkaline Water:

Question: I only drink machine processed alkaline ion water ( KANGENSUI in Japanese), there are so many kinds of alkaline induced water and please tell me its effect or impact on the stomach?


Reply: As for drinking  of alkali ion water, my teachers, Dr. Koda M.D.and Dr. Watanabe M.D. are not recommended.

Here are some of comments based on physiology.


“Alkali ion water also has a report that the antioxidant action which removes the active oxygen which becomes causes, such as cancer, is excellent in alkalinity.

However, stomach cancer is medically understood that the bacteria called Helicobacter Pylori are generated by surviving mode of alkalinity in the stomach.

Originally daily use of alkali ion water will incline the gastric juice which is strong acid nature to alkalinity.

Helicobacter pylori likes alkaline environment and breeds more by pH 7.4 culture solution.

If the great portion of moisture is taken in from alkali ion water, since stomach acid inclines to alkalinity, naturally Helicobacter pylori will breed rapidly.

Incidentally, if pH of stomach acid is maintained at the super-acidity of the 1.5-1.7th place, Helicobacter pylori will not breed and will not have a possibility of growing into stomach cancer, either.

Since the addict of alkali ion water is neutralized [ alkaline water ], if the powder of the Coral mineral powder  is mixed, breeding of Helicobacter pylori will be controlled.

I encourage the Coral mineral powder containing 74 kinds of comprehensive trace elements by all means.

Not only calcium but a comprehensive mineral acts each other, and a human body contributes to the constant maintenance function of a synergy effect and a human body”

The contained information  is not intended as medical advice.  Its purpose is solely educational .  Please consults your healthcare professional for all health problems.




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