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Benefits of CoralMin™

CoralMin™ is 100% natural, organic, pure, silky white powder with 3.3 micron or 5,000 mesh (very fine powder).

Absorption of CoralMin™ is the highest among calcium products and CoralMin™ should be taken to replenish calcium needs for a new millennium of nutritional balance, bio-energy performance, personal efficacy and longevity.

Calcium Deficiency (CD) Today and in the Future

"Medical scientists and nutrition specialists are warning that American seems to be locked in a losing battle against calcium deficiency (CD) and new research reveals that the problem is more prevalent than previously believed. Seven out of 10 children age 18 and younger fail to get the calcium they need and the shortages begin when kids are still toddlers. Among teen-age girls, CD is even more alarming. Nine out of 10 teen-age girls fail to take the calcium they need. This calcium-diminished younger generation is putting themselves at much greater risk for low bone density, fractures and osteoporosis-the crippling disease that threatens 28 million Americans and causes 1.5 million fractures annually. A calcium-poor diet in childfood and adolescence is the greater predictor of fractures due to osteoporosis."

"Help the next generation avoid this debilitating bone disease is to ensure children in America are getting this essential mineral at a time they need it the most. After all, calcium-intake is an important public health strategy and vital individual health issue to help yourself achieve an optimal calcium intake. The optimum level of calcium intake is at least 1,000 milligrams per day for all over 18 years of age. Slightly higher intake, 1,200 milligrams per day is recommended for adults over 50 and for youth and teens nine through 18, 1,300 milligrams per day is recommended."

"Adequate levels of calcium helps control blood pressure and protect against stroke, colon, cancer and may be even PMS."

"Research shows that building and maintaining strong bones is a lifelong process. You can actually build the foundation for a lifetime of strong bones during your ten and young adult years! The amount of bone you can build during these years is your PEAK BONE MASS. This is the strongest your bones will ever be and the way you want to keep them the rest of your life.

Why not take CoralMin™ for the rest of your life whether you are young or old.

Benefits of Taking CoralMin™

Majority of American men, women and children fail to replenish daily intake of proper calcium supplement based on poor and unhealthy diet practices. You can incorporate CoralMin™ with any foods you eat, or any food product you are processing commercially and contributing to the wellness of people in America as well as in other countries. CoralMin™ is Functional Calcium Metabolizer.

As you probably knew and/or heard that a great numbers of medical doctors and health care specialists are reporting so many benefits from CoralMin™ powders in the world.

For examples, CoraMin™ alleviates conditions of arthritis by reducing pains and increasing muscle and joint mobility, reducing and controlling of acidity in the stomach, regulating high blood pressure and blood sugar levels, relieving osteoporosis, detoxifying and cleansing kidneys, intestines and liver, and other degenerative diseases described in several books. At the same time, CoralMin™ is dealing with so many different underlining physiological problems with debilitating diseases. Such as chronic fatigue syndrome, lower energy level and immune system, bad blood circulation, weak skeletal and muscle and etc.

According to Dr. Bruce W. Halstead,M.D., the author of Fossil Stony Coral Minerals and Their Nutritional application said, "Medical case histories written by credentialed physicians on Neurotoxin Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Ulcerative Colitis, Dizzilness/Fatigue, Rheumatoid /Osteoarthritis, Reflux Esophagitis/Gastritis, Chronic Tendinitis and etc. In addition to medical case histories, there are hundreds of other could have been used. They are sufficient to show clinical evidence that the chemical substances in the fossilized Coral Minerals have both nutritional and therapeutic benefits that are worthy of further medical investigation."

CoralMin™ has been contributing to enhanced well-being, above all, to improving the quality of life.

The most benefits have been recognized within a few days or weeks to 3 months depending the physical conditions of individuals from the date of taking CoralMin™.


CoralMinerals.com has been the champion of CoralMin™ application specialists, such as used for dietary and food supplements, medicinal minerals, body cleansing media, functional food ingredients, heavy metal removal, water purification and filtration media, soil improvement materials and many more.

CoralMin ™ application for today's products are being formulated right now by other reputable food supplement manufacturers. Bio-scientists are working hard and as soon as they finish their formulations, we will inform you through our web site.

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