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Questions and Answers about CoralMin™

100% Pure Fossilized, Ionic and Organic Coral Mineral Powder

Many concerned consumers ask questions about CoralMin™ and other coral calcium. Because of many fabricated stories and misleading information about coral calcium, let us use this format here to answer some of your questions so that you may become well-informed consumers.

Q: The fossilized Coral classification
A: The fossilized Corals comprise a very large Order of Scleractinian containing more than 2,500 species and about 5,000 extinct species. The recorded number of species is 1,241 in Okinawa. Soft corals and hard corals are the two types of coral reefs. The majority of the fossilized corals from Yonaguni Island are clusters of Astraea (Star Coral) variety. Stony or hard corals (66 varieties) are the builders of the coral islands and their protective reefs in Okinawa.

Q: What is the history of Coral used as therapeutic value?
A: The oldest pharmacy in Spain, established in 1685, displays the drug containers on the shelves of the pharmacy. One of them contained minerals from stony corals with inscription. "The blond coral is the only coral used for medicine" & "Coral has a beneficial effect upon the heart and elevates the mood of the person taking it." For further reading, please refer to Dr. Halstead's book.

Q: What are the established grades and classifications of the raw materials from Okinawa?
A: Many grades are referred to by Americans who act like an authority in the classification of Coral Minerals. Have they ever been in Okinawa for critical investigational trip? CoralMin™ is a one-of-a-kind 13:1 extract without altering physical crystallization structure (aragonite) of the fossilized coral mineral powder, meaning it takes 13 kgs. of fossilized coral mineral raw materials to produce 1 kg of CoralMin™ Powder. Nobody can beat the premium quality of our product; it is the cream of the fossilized crop. Other kinds of grades are marine coral which would contain micro-organisms (below sea types) such as coral sand, beach sand, shore grade, rock coral, marine coral mineral, dug-out or antiquated remains. CoralMin™ should have not been associated with "Sand".

Q: Micron sized powder of the fossilized coral minerals are described as 2.2 or 3.3 micron. What is the particle size reduction of CoralMin™? Who is telling us the truth based on scientific analysis?
A: According to the Test of Measurement of Particle Size Distribution done by Japan Food Research Laboratories, CoralMin™ contains 3.3 average micron size. Previous distributors of CoralMin™ are still using the micron size information we provided to them and
they are still using our promotional materials even after they stopped purchasing CoralMin™. Furthermore, we are just wondering whether previous distributor's customers are still receiving CoralMin™ or not.

Q: Tell us the reason why several companies, your company and others are using identical photos of fossilized coral and the coral mineral mine. This is quite confusing from the view of two companies are selling fossilized coral powder from different raw material sources.
A: Glad you asked. We provided two original photos you mentioned to former distributors utilizing our photos taken at Yonaguni Island they use in their promotional materials whether written or audio/visual materials. Since they stopped purchasing CoralMin™, we requested all materials including two original photos should be withdrawn from the usage by a letter of cease and desist but they are still using two photos. We are quite perplexed and question the integrity of marketing and business ethics practiced by these companies.

Q: How about the ratio of calcium and Magnesium 2:1 harvested from the coral sand that is found on the floor in the deep water surrounding the coral reefs off Okinawa?
A: You should demand a certificate of the proof of authentic raw materials with a certificate of analysis from suppliers of companies dealing with the coral sand and from a third party analysis. This type of coral species do not exist in naturally occurring the balance of calcium to magnesium of 2:1 ratio.

Q: In regard to dredging out dead coral and other marine debris from the bottom of the Ocean in Okinawa. "The Japanese Government approved harvesting work". Is this statement substantiated?
A: Ask the supplier who received the harvesting right and which branch of the Japanese government issued this permit.

Q: Why do coral calcium from other companies dissolve in water?
A: They add citric acid and other ingredients to help their product dissolve in Water; thus the amount of elemental Calcium is much less per capsule. If they add nothing, the coral mineral powder settles on the bottom naturally. Put fossilized coral mineral powder or open capsulized coral calcium into a glass of water. CoralMin™ should go down to the bottom of the glass.

Q: Are some companies' claims that their coral calcium is 100 % soluble valid?
A: You must know if they are talking about dissolving in water or in the stomach.

Q: Is Dr. Bruce W. Halstead, M.D. the author of Fossil Stony Coral Minerals and Their Nutritional Application for or against coral sand taken from the bottom of the ocean in Okinawa?
A: Dr. Halstead opposed vehemently any commercial action of taking any form of corals from the bottom of the ocean due to the possible destruction of the coral reefs and marine eco-system in Okinawa. He wrote, "I am a disciplinary bastard of sorts who has combined marine biology with medicine, directed toward the field of marine biotoxicology, nutritional products of marine origin, Chinese traditional medicine and nutrition." This book is worth reading. If you have any question, please send your inquiry to info@coralminerals.com

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