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Overview of Okinawa

A brief historical background on medicinal benefits of coral minerals.

The oldest pharmacy established in 1685 in Spain is now part of a museum. Among the pharmaceuticals present in the pharmacy is a container containing ground up coral with inscription: " The blond coral is the only coral used for medicine. The coral has a beneficial effect upon the heart and elevates the mood of the person taking it." We are dealing with precious and ancient natural resources for caring our bodies with fossilized coral minerals for wellness.

Long Life in Okinawans owes much to Coral

"Coral Minerials water prevents adult disease"

Dr. Jun Kobayashi, honorary professor of Okayama University. He gave an interesting presentation in the Japan Land and Water Society held in Nara City that people in Okinawa which is Japan's No. 1 Long Life state drink water with a lot of calcium carbonate dissolved from the coral, so they can prevent three major adult diseases (cerebral apoplexy, cancer, and heart disease) and consequently they live long.

This presentation is based on the conclusion taken from the results of the survey in 500 rivers throughout Japan. The content of Coral Minerials as the criteria for the degree of alkali is 25.4mg/l on national average and the figure is relatively small in the Northeastern section of Japan, but it is 148mg in Tokunoshima Island in Kagoshima State and 415mg in Naha City, Okinawa State, both presenting quite high degree of alkali.

In the survey by the Ministry of Public Welfare, the number of deaths per population of a 100,000 because of cerebral apoplexy is 152 in Nagano State in the first place. On the contrary, Okinawa State is in the lowest and the number is 49, less than one-third.

Due to such data, he concluded that there was cause and effect relationship between Coral Minerial in water and occurrence of cerebral apoplexy.

There are many geographical features in Okinawa State that the Coral reef rose and became hills and Coral Minerial of corals are dissolved in rivers abundantly and they are absorbed by agricultural products. The Okinawans take in a lot of Coral Minerial naturally in daily life, which has much to do with their long life.

In recent years, as the diet becomes Westernized, acidification goes on inside bodies. Therefore, this study may draw attention as a new method of precaution for adult disease. Prof. Kobayashi says, "Use of Coral Minerial has remarkable effects in prevention of hypertension and liver trouble. Long Life of Okinawans owes to water with no doubt. Coral minerals could be pre-assimilation elements for long life."

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