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Calcium Absorption and Assimilation - The Best Calcium

"The most suitable and effective calcium supplement is carbonate calcium which has two types, Aragonite Calcium Carbonate(ACC) and calcite calcium carbonate(CCC).

They are chemically identical but differ in crystallization and specific gravity.
The ionization process of the fossilized ACC, which is Aragonite Calcium Carbonate, is 6 times greater than that of calcite calcium carbonate.
Other distinctive differences between ACC and CCC are evident when both of them are oxidized. ACC, which is fossilized coral calcium, has characteristics of further micro-structured particles, whereas CCC solidifies or becomes cemented. This may suggest possible cementation of calcite in the muscles and the nerve systems from other undesirable calcium compounds.

In contrast to calcite, ACC becomes condensed in stomach fluids, which enables better absorption and effective calcium assimilation."

Note: There is a wide spread notion that "A surplus of calcium can lead to deposits of calcium in tissues other than bone. A deficiency of calcium weakens the bones and can lead to rickets." This is described in a typical home medical encyclopedia. Perhaps the authors of the encyclopedia are talking about calcite calcium carbonate or he/she might not be aware that two types of calcium carbonate described in the above exist.

Sugar Dissolves Bones
If you can see affected bones anatomically, which are eroded and resemble bee-hives, you will be stricken with terror. When diets having less sugar are followed, fewer bacilli appear in the saliva, which in turn does not cause decaying.
White sugar is one of the unhealthiest foods on the market. Sugar may be a major contributing factor to the rising hyperactivity of school-age children. Sugar depletes calcium in the youngsters and reduces calcium in the blood, which means more hyperactive and irritable kids at schools. Sugar also depresses the immune system.

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