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How to Use CoralMin™
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The amount of Daily Intake of CoralMin™. (Revised)




Sick People


2g (800mg)

3g (1,200mg)

4g (1,600mg)


4g (1,600mg)

5g (2,200mg)

6g (2,400mg)


6g (2,400mg)

7g (2,800mg)

8g (3,200mg)

Figures in parenthesis represent the amount of elemental Calcium

Instruction: In a bottled water, put 2 grams of CoralMin™ into the half-gallon (1.89 Liter) of water jar/bottle and consume little by little throughout the day. Please do not gulp your bottled mineral water. You may dilute your acidic and gastric juices in your stomach by gulping the CoralMin™ water.

Warning by a medical doctor in Japan:

Refrain from drinking cold water and/or cold drinks. There is the definite co-relationship between soda and allergies according to a Japanese medical doctor. People with allergic reaction are consuming a great amount of cold soda, such as cola, beer, cider and etc., which must be cold; otherwise, they are not tasty. Carbonic acid gas, cold drink are real culprit of allergic reaction. Young people consuming cold soda are suffering from tenacious atopic dermatitis.

People who like to drink cold soda are suffering from addiction to cold drink or vicious circle of cold and allergy.

In addition, soda is loaded with simple sugar that robs your calcium deposits in your bones and is loaded with phosphorous which gets rid of your calcium. We have been contaminated with drinks.

This is only tip of the iceberg in foods industry.

We are really concern about your HEALTH.

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