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Distinctive Features of CoralMin™

1. 75 Different Pure Fossilized, Ionic and Organic Minerals: CoralMin™ contains 40% of organic Calcium. The remainder of formerly living coral, thus making them truly organic.

2. The finest powder of particle size: 3.3 micron (5,000 mesh) just like the flour you use. CoralMin™ is certified with the certificate of analysis by Japan Food Research Laboratories (Certificate #100050174-001). CoralMin™ has also been certified as food grade by the Japanese Government (Certificate #95000010).

3. The Virgin Fossilized Coral Mineral Mine (above sea level): We provide 100% fossilized Coral Minerals mined from the Virgin Fossilized Coral Mineral Mine (above sea level) that have existed for 4,400 years based on radiocarbon dating method. This does not violate the Washington Agreement on the endangered species Act. CoralMin™ does not come from coral sand found at the bottom of the sea.

4. 13:1 Powder: Average yield of CoralMin™ Powder in production: CoralMin™ is a one-of-a-kind 13:1 extract that does not alter physical crystallization structure of the fossilized coral mineral powder. It takes 13 kgs. of fossilized coral mineral raw materials to produce 1 kg of CoralMin™ Powder. CoralMin™ is the most concentrated fossilized coral minerals available on the market today. It has no smell and no taste.

5. Crystalline form: CoralMin™ contains aragonite crystalline structure which is rhombus. Aragonite coral calcium becomes condensed in stomach fluids, which enables better absorption and effective calcium assimilation.

6. Shape and tiny multi-porosity of CoralMin™: The shapes of each grain of fossilized coral mineral varies and takes interesting shapes with countless irregular many tiny holes.

7. pH Regulator in the body: CoralMin™ reverses and regulates Acidosis or low pH for maintaining optimum alkalinity at the cellular level. An indicator of calcium & mineral deficiency is acidosis.

8. Electrolytic Dissociation: CoralMin™ manifests itself as a higher degree of electrolytic dissociation.

9. Solubility:CoralMin™ is 6 times more soluble in the water than that of calcite certified by Prof. Yoshino Yamauchi, director of Aragonite Institute in Japan.

10. Ionization Rate: The electrolytic dissociated CoralMin™ is gradually ionized in the water and in the body.

11. Oxidization: When CoralMin™ is oxidized, they become minute elements. When CoralMin™ is taken, CoralMin™ becomes minute by stomach solution and better absorbed significantly.

12. Serum Calcium: CoralMin™ does not affect increase of serum calcium level in the blood and CoralMin™ contributes to formation of bone.

13. Bone Graft Materials: Coral Mineral products are used in replacement of bone grafting materials as growth factors that stimulate rapid bone formation at the fracture site.

14. Absorb Ultraviolet Rays: Coral in the Great Barrier Reef contain sunscreens that absorb ultraviolet rays.

15. Calcium Tolerance: If you cannot tolerate other calcium supplements, please try CoralMin™. You will find a surprising and pleasant result.

16. Pure Fossilized Mineral: Lastly, CoralMin™ does not contain chemical glues, binders, lubricants or other such related additives. Due to very fine particles of CoralMin™ powder, packaging in capsules would require additional elements. We try to keep our product as natural as possible. This is the only reason why we stopped manufacturing the capsule form.

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