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All products contains pure fossil Coral Mineral Powder and/or blended with pure fossil coral mineral powder.

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For consumers:

CoralMin™ Fossilized & Ionic Coral Minerals/Calcium
(Product Code 0100)

$49.95 + $3.50 (S&H)

150 grams (5.3 oz) of 100% Fossil Coral Mineral Powder bottle. A scoop of 1,000mg/level scoop provided in the bottle. All-purpose organic ionized coral mineral powder. More info...

Fossilized Stony Coral Minerals and Their Nutritional Application
by Bruce W. Halstead,M.D.
(Product Code 0200)

Out of Print


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Coral Min TM Water - Do it Yourself Mineral Water Bottle
Coral Mineralizer for water Mineral
(Product Code 0400)


If you are using Reverse Osmosis system or any other water treatment system, your system is depleting minerals contained in the water. Why are you drinking pure and denatured water? We all must replenish minerals in the drinking water. Our body requires major and trace minerals for our digestion and for maintaining optimum health. More info...

Calcium : The Facts
by Beth M. Ley,Ph.D
(Product Code 0250)


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For Bulk Buyers:

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CoralMin™ in 22 lb. Bag
(Product Code 0500)

CoralMin™ is available for Pharmaceutical, Functional Food, & Dietary Supplements, and Cosmetic industries. More info...


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