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A Brief Analytical Report on CoralMin™

Average Properties of CoralMin™

Appearance Microfine powder
Average particle size 3.3 micron
Odor None
Taste None
Texture Silky soft
Moisture Contents 0.015%
Specific gravity 2.67
Surface area (m2/g) 0.385
Volume of pores 0.053 cc/g
Average diameter of pores 0.101 micron

Approved as pharmaceutical and food grade by the Japanese Government.

Note: Different test results are available upon request for qualified inquirers.

Major Chemical Analysis /100g

Calcium 40.1%
Magnesium 2,770 ppm
Silica 445 ppm
Sodium 206 ppm
Iron 113 ppm
Potassium 41 ppm
Manganese 17.3 ppm

Note: Available total element composition analysis of CoralMin™ upon request for qualified inquirers.

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